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A leading, dynamic organisation, professionally enhancing self-reliant communities


Health and Nutrition


• provide low cost nutritious food to affected communities, because access to food is a basic human right

• promote health education to build self-reliant sustainable communities


Through 21 kitchens, we feed appropriately 2 000 families and individuals a day in The War Against Malnutrition Tuberculosis and Hunger (WARMTH) programme. The programme was established 40 years ago and ensures
 that the vulnerable, hungry people in the communities are fed without
 compromising their dignity.

WARMTH has strategically established community kitchens in themost needy areas in the Western Cape and has fed over a million hungry tummies over the years.

The  WARMTH kitchens impact on the lives of the people who are able to
 get a low-cost nutritional meal instead of having no meal at all.
Through your donation and support, we can keep the price of a meal low.
 One plate of food can cost a person as little as R2 (£0,22 or $0,14 ).
 The programme also empowers the kitchen operator economically. On average a kitchen operator serves 100 plates of soy and rice a day.

This provides the kitchen operator with a regular income that allows her to
 care for herself and her family. This in turn, enables her family to realise
 their basic rights such as the right to food, education, proper sanitation and shelter.


5 000 families and individuals are fed each day though
 our kitchens with your help.


We offer:

• Voluntary Counselling and Testing centres (VCT) gives HIV/Aids and TB testing and counselling to people. Support groups are run for all affected.


In the past year, over 3 000 clients were tested and counselled at the VCT sites.

•  Baby clinics

Through our baby clinics we combat malnutrition. Babies under the age of 6 are weighed and given formula and are checked regularly. The peer
 breast feeding and counselling programme facilitates work shops for pregnant women on a month-to-month basis. The workshops educate mothers and expecting mothers on the merits of breastfeeding and good
 nutritional practices.


Last year, 612 mothers and expecting mothers have been educated on  breastfeeding and good nutritional practices.


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The distinctive, bright yellow container kitchens of the WARMTH project promise an end to hunger for township children and their families.


Cooking up a storm in the WARMTH kitchen!

Baby milk formula and cereals ensure infants get a good start in life.

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