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How you’re helping us to create breadwinners

In the poor communities where we work it’s the small things that make a big difference. Thanks to the kindness of CWD supporters we reach out to women living in places like Delft, where unemployment causes hardship and misery for hundreds of families. With you at our side we’ve been able to offer women leather training workshops.

At our Delft Community Centre Sister Vimla taught eighteen women to cut leather into patterns and sew purses and pouches. We’ve also got plans to train them to market and sell their goods – and with your continued support we hope it won’t be long before these women are able to generate their own income.

At our Weltevreden Community Centre, we’re keeping the elderly women who attend weekly craft workshops busy, by learning to create various items such as bathroom mats, place mats and peg bags.

We’ve kindly been offered the services of a seamstress who’s willing to assist the women to improve the quality of their products.

Not only will the craft workshops help the grandmothers to earn an income, it also gives them a chance to escape the daily grind of living, and to talk to other women facing the same hardships.

And like the other community centres – you’ll find your kindness at work at Tafelsig Community Centre, where our sewing project has truly changed the women’s perception of themselves. It’s given them a reason to believe in themselves again.

It’s wonderful to witness the power of your generosity in action. Thanks to friends like you, women in townships around Cape Town are trying to earn an income, support their families – and live with dignity and pride.



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Thank you – a hundred times over!

Saying thank you once is certainly not enough... especially to generous friends like you! Your incredible kindness makes it possible for us to make a difference in some of the poorest communities in and around Cape Town.
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You’re there when help is needed most

Last year proved a challenging year for people living in townships in and around Cape Town after fires and floods wreaked havoc.
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This one’s for the children

For young children, growing up in our poorest neighbourhoods is an overwhelming challenge... which is why we’re committed to making life a little easier for them.
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We know you’ll be glad to hear that we’re in the process of re-launching our community kitchens.
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