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A leading, dynamic organisation, professionally enhancing self-reliant communities


How our programmes assist communities in need

Imagine yourself transported to the very heart of the sprawling informal settlement that is Site C in Khayelitsha.

Around you are hundreds upon hundreds of tiny one-room shacks. Unemployed men and women sit idly outside their doors, or saunter along the streets. Grannies watch over groups of children and skinny dogs scratch in the sand.

This is where our work begins.

In discussion with the community, it may be decided that a creche or perhaps a feeding centre is the most urgent need. CWD may assist in acquiring a second-hand shipping container to use as premises – and provide equipment such as gas stoves, pots, pans and food items for a kitchen, or toys, books, puzzles, stationery and sleeping mats for a pre-school.

Staff for the fledgling projects will come from the community, thus providing the first economic intervention, and the opportunity for further training in nutrition or Early Childhood Development.

Project leaders are encouraged to involve the community in starting vegetable gardens in areas close to creches and kitchens. Again, these initiatives not only keep the creches and kitchens supplied with fresh, healthy food, but also provide employment for more people, and the opportunity to earn a little income from surplus produce.

As the community begins to pull together and gain confidence from their success, more ideas for helping themselves emerge. They may want to start a youth group, or a shelter for abused women and children ... set up a training facility where people can gain life skills ... an HIV/Aids support group ...

CWD provides support, advice, training and practical assistance to enable people to build capacity within their communities and a better life for all.

Our main areas of focus:

  • Community Development Centres (CDCs)
  • Women, Children and Youth Development
  • Health and Food Security
  • Economic Development

Please use the links alongside to find out more about specific programmes.

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Hunger is a major challenge, as it leads to malnutrition, disease and despair.

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