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A leading, dynamic organisation, professionally enhancing self-reliant communities


Youth Interfacing Programme (YIP)

Youth in the impoverished Cape Flats communities of the Western Cape face a number of challenges besides poverty. These communities are crippled by the evils of crime, gangsterism, drug / alcohol abuse, child abuse, female abuse, day to day fearing for their lives.

The Youth Interfacing Programme facilitates a variety of educational, stimulating, fun activities with youth aged 6 to 35 years, developing youth identity, confidence and self esteem, equipping them with life skills, the capacity to make healthy life choices, and develop to their full potential! Empowered youth impact positively on their communities, and via a ripple effect, this leads to self  reliant communities.

While facilitating life skills is YIP's core intervention, youth are “kept off the streets” and away from the negative influences of crime, drugs and societal ill's through engaging them in a number of activities including:

  • Life Skills
  • Leadership Workshops (club/committee management & entrepreneurship)
  • Youth Dialogues
  • Arts & Culture e.g. drama, contemporary and traditional dance, arts & crafts, and music
  • Sport e.g. soccer, gymnastic rope skipping


  • Youth who make healthy life choices, who are equipped to explore career/self employment opportunities, and live effective and successful lives in the face of constantly changing and challenging environments.
  • Self reliant youth who via a ripple effect build self reliant communities

Donations and volunteer work opens doors and gives hope to youth whose current circumstances are soul destroying. In addition to the measurable/tangible results of development work, we can see the benefits when there is a twinkle in the child's eye, a smile on a young person's face, and they have hope for their future!

A donation of just R1300 funds one youth's development for a year in the Youth Interfacing Programme!


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Our rope skippers appeared on the youth programme, Tube, on SABC 2

Our rope skipping champions proudly show off their medals

Our ballroom dancing group

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