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Before: This shack was home to the Faneles.

They sang and danced for the precious blessing of a new home – thanks to the love and kindness of our donors.

New Year – New homes . . .
will you help?

When the winter rains
come . . . there’s no
escaping the floods.
There were tears of joy
when Mama Fanele first
saw her new home.

Happy New Year! Here’s wishing you a blessed and joyous 2015. May the next 12 months be filled with success and happiness.

And that’s what we’re hoping for here at CWD too . . . especially for the needy families we work with.

The Fanele’s story’s heart breaking . . . to say they’ve suffered brutal poverty is putting it lightly! Ten people, including an invalid mother and a small baby, living in a leaking shack made from rusty metal and cardboard.

It was shocking to hear that all they had to sleep on were two worn-out mattresses on the floor. How they’ve survived all these years is nothing short of a miracle.

Thankfully, with the help of loyal donors and friends we could extend a hand of hope to this family and build them a new house.

But they’re just one of hundreds living in extreme conditions in the Western Cape . . . and left unchallenged there’s little hope for their future this New Year.

Please make your online donation here to help. Together we’ll build more homes for more families in 2015.

The new houses we’re planning aren’t ‘fancy’ but they’ll be built on raised platforms so that they don’t get flooded when the winter rains come . . . and the walls are made from a fireproof material.

Your support will mean that these destitute families have a comfortable, safe place to live in . . . and greater peace of mind.

So as we welcome 2015 with optimism – please make your contribution here and offer the same hope to people who face uncertainty in 2015.

Thank you for all you do.



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You’re helping us change lives every day – thank you!

Little children are close to our hearts . . . and their future is so very important to us too – and we know that as supporters of our work, their welfare is a concern for you too.
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You’ve made the impossible, possible – more than 7900 Buckets of Love!

Thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve received from friends far and wide, we’re delighted to report that some 7 900 families were touched through our Buckets of Love campaign last Christmas. A HUGE thank you for your generous gifts!
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Bringing relief when disasters strike

As a friend of CWD you’ll know that our Crisis Prevention and Relief programme’s primary goal is to help the victims of flood and fire disasters in the poorest areas in and around Cape Town.
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A bit more about our Archbishop

We’re delighted to have Archbishop Brislin at the helm of CWD and wanted to tell you a little more about him.
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