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If Christmas is truly about
sharing and caring . . .
can it start here?

Thank you to everyone who has so generously supported Buckets of Love so far!
But time’s running out! Christmas is just a few short days away . . . and if you’re yet to make your contribution to our Buckets of Love campaign – please will you do so here right away?

Your donation will not only give poor families food to eat this Christmas. You’ll give them hope for brighter days ahead too. You see in these very poor communities – your Buckets of Love mean everything to them.

Last year loyal friends supported our campaign, and desperately poor families had nutritious meals over Christmas.

And this year you can do the same – by making your online donation here right away. But hurry . . . time’s flying by.

We hope you’ll spare a thought for the hundreds of families like Thandie, Sibu and Xoli who struggle to survive on one meal a day – if they’re lucky! What will Christmas be like for them?

Hopefully with your donation here families who have all the odds stacked against them can beat those odds with the support from friends like you.

So please don’t delay – make this a magical Christmas for families living in desperate poverty with your Buckets of Love gift here.

Thank you and God bless.


Everyone deserves to have a meal at Christmas . . .

Help us reach our target of 7 000 buckets – which contain enough food to feed 28 000 people! That’s like saying ‘Happy Christmas’ 28 000 times!

What’s inside your
Bucket of Love?

  • 1kg Rice
  • 500g Sugar
  • 1kg Maize Meal
  • 1 packet Samp & Beans
  • 1 box Soya Mince
  • 1 Tin Mixed Vegetables
  • 1 packet Lentils
  • 1 packet Soup Mix
  • 1 packet biscuits
  • 1 packet Tea
  • 1 packet Sweets
  • 1 tin Pilchards
  • 1 jar Peanut Butter
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